Cats Eye Tire Pressure

cats eye tire pressure

    tire pressure
  • The manufacturer's recommended pressure for a tire, dependent on load, speed, etc., usually given in bar or pound-force per square inch (psi). (1.8 bar = 26 psi; 2 bar = 29 psi; 2.2 bar = 32 psi; 2.4 bar = 35 psi; 2.7 bar = 39 psi)

  • The measure of air pressure within a race tire.

  • Cold inflation pressure is the inflation pressure of tires before the car is driven and the tires warmed up. Recommended cold inflation pressure is displayed on the owner's manual and on the placard (or sticker) attached to the vehicle door edge, pillar, glovebox door or fuel filler flap.

    cats eye
  • (CATS Eyes) C.A.T.S. Eyes is a British television series made by TVS for ITV between 1985 and 1987.

  • Phenomenal effect in cabochon cut gemstones resembling the iris of a cat’s eye.

  • General term for several varieties of gemstones that when cut en cabochon exhibit a band of light resembling an eye effect under a single source of light.

When Your Joy is Complete

When Your Joy is Complete

Eight years ago I took a sexual purity online course, and it was the best Christian teaching I got. It was a daily online course for two months and I loved every day of it. One thing though I disagree with them is that they said many members who do not follow the precautionary rules (such as: move your computer to an open space in the house, or install Internet filtering software, or acquire an accountability partner, etc) fall back into sin even though they were free from it for a period of time. The problem I have with that statement is that I believe a person is only truly free if he is free on the inside through being set free by the power of the Holy Spirit. I think the best way to explain this topic is by talking about what it means to be born-again and what it does not mean.

Many new believers believe that they now have a new holy nature along with their old sinful nature. (I definitely believed that in the beginning, and only after listening to sound Biblical preaching that I came to understand what the Bible really teaches.) New believers believe that because before coming to Christ they were told they have a sinful nature, and after coming to Christ they were told they have a holy nature but from their experience they realize they are still sinning so they conclude, “I must have two natures: a holy one and a sinful one.” This idea is unbiblical because the Bible teaches: before Christ we had a sinful nature, but after Christ this sinful nature had died and now we only have a holy nature. The reason we are still capable of sinning is that we still have physical bodies that get tired, get hungry, and have desires. Another reason we continue to sin for a while after coming to Christ is that sinful behaviour has become a habit in our lives. In other words: we initially continue to sin not because we are sinful in nature and cannot resist sin, but because we are used to live a sinful lifestyle. Let me tell you two examples from my life:

The first incident happened few years after I came to Christ when my sister’s family asked me to go with them to Canada’s Wonderland. I did not want to go to Wonderland because I knew how the girls dressed at such places. After some pressure from my sister and because I had a little nephew and niece I decided to go. The first two hours were horrible! I did not look anywhere except the ground! I kept struggling with God in prayer: I begged Him to help me! After roughly two hours I gave up! I said, “Sorry, Lord, but I really can’t live this Christian life. I am done. I can’t live this horrible life of continuous struggle against myself, against my sinful desire to lust.” So I looked up and the place was so crowded, but what surprised me is that I did not want to lust. I mean, girls dressing sensually were everywhere but I just did not care. I could see girls were around, but to me they were just another person who I had no particular interest in the way they dressed, or looked, or anything else. I felt so free—it was so wonderful!

Another time I was praying in my bedroom begging God to help me overcome sin. The next day I was listening to Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries and he said something like, “God has given you the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life through you. What else do you need? You already have all you need!” I realized I should be able to live the Christian life, and the next morning as I went to work I decided to test if I was sinning because it was my nature or because sin was a habit in my life. Soon I realized that sin had no attraction to me—I could stop sinning anytime I wanted—but I was doing it because it was a habit in my life.


I learn by examples best, so I think the best way to explain what being born-again means is through an example:

Let us say you are a cat, and you want to live as a human. So you start your day by trying to wash your face but the sink is too big for you and the faucet was not designed to be turned on by paws. Then you try to make the bed but the bed is so big--because it is a human bed--that there is no way you can do it. Then you try to put on a shirt but shirts were designed for humans so they will not fit you and you cannot button up the shirt with your paws anyway.

Even if you succeeded in doing those tasks the fact of the matter is that you are still a cat. You can try to pretend to be a human for a while but eventually you will be exhausted, you will feel miserable, and you will definitely fail at some tasks; for example, how can a cat drive to work and work as an accountant?!

The only way for you, a cat, to be able to live as a human is that if you were changed by becoming a human. Otherwise, all attempts are futile. Now, once you become a human then you will not go back to live as a cat: you will not go back to sleeping in a basket, or licking your noise, or playing with a yarn ball. Now, you sleep in a bed, you scratch your nose, and you play sports.

In this example being a cat is equivalent

My dog is falling apart

My dog is falling apart

For a long time now, Gustav has suffered from what our vet calls "allergies." Of course, he can't say for sure what he is allergic to, so I have been left with trying to eliminate, change, take away, etc. all sorts of food trying to pinpoint exactly where the allergies are coming from. For all I know, he could be allergic to me. Or the cat. Or the house. Or anything at all.

Actually, I have suspected for awhile now that he may not be allergic to anything, and the root of Gustav's skin problems are much deeper. He scratches all the time, his hair is almost gone on his belly - sparse in others, the skin around his eyes are almost constantly dry, and now you can see significant redness on his nose.

Today, I came home to him limping, not wanting to put pressure on his front right you can see in this photo. I am chalking this up to a muscle sprain maybe from a cold hike yesterday. And he has been shivering despite the 66 degree home temperature.

A contact of mine mentioned something awhile ago about Gustav's pink skin. For the life of me I can't remember who or to what serious illness it referenced. If you are out there, please chime in.

I am at a loss, without spending lots of money to further diagnose the problem. I have no problem doing this, if I have to, but I am tired of the repeated vet visits where I hear, "he'll be's just some simple allergies." I know my dog, and he isn't himself. A day where he greets me home from work with initial excitement at the door then lies down on the floor in the other room almost immediately is not normal.


cats eye tire pressure

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